Blue Spruce

These beautiful conifers are often seen as Christmas trees these days due to their colour and non needle drop factor,but
a 3 ft blue spruce cut as a Christmas tree will set you back around £40 for it’s short life left.These lovely pot grown blue
spruce will provide you with a future Christmas tree for many christmases to come and a stunning garden conifer for the
rest of the year! They are currently 40-50cm in height (not including pot),are in 3 litre pots and are full of life.They can
either be planted in the ground or kept in pots as these have been.

Just £14.95 each!
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Norway spruce

Here is the traditional Christmas tree,except it’s been grown in a pot all of it’s life and so has all of it’s roots.This means
it will not shed all of it’s needles if used as a Christmas tree! It can be used year after year-just keep well watered.They
can be planted in the garden or kept in pots,beautiful trees,and what a smell,so don’t buy a dead Christmas tree,buy a
live one from me! Do your bit for the environment,and your pocket.

Three sizes are on offer:

40-50cm  just £7.95 (SOLD OUT)
50-70cm just £14.95
70-90cm just £19.95
And remember, you’re buying a very alive pot grown tree with all of it’s roots that will last many years and Christmases to come.
Lawson's Cypress (Like Leylandii)

Currently 60cm high. Often mistaken for Leylandii but much better looking,either as a tree or hedge.Much easier to
control without the Leylandii bad habits.Happy either in a pot or in the ground-can grow large in the ground but easy to
maintain.Will limit it’s growth in a pot.A very hardy noble looking tree,Great in pots as a pair,and very affordable at this

Just £7.95 each or two for £14.95!!
Sambucus Nigra - (3 PLANTS supplied,approx 40-60cm)

These very pretty but hardy shrubs will mature at around 6 feet, but can easily be trimmed into a neat hedge or used a
specimen plants in the garden border.The foliage often turns purple as the plant grows with spectacular flowers to liven
up any garden and they really do make an awesome sight. Copes with most soils/conditions.The berries when fully
ripe,and are often used in wine,jam,jelly and even flu relief!
Three plants supplied!

Just £29.95 for 3 plants!