Purple Willow

These are young saplings, approx 50-60cm tall that will often weep as tree begins to mature.They prefer a damp spot in
the garden,sun or shade and simply look majestic with the leaves blowing in the wind.Can reach up to 7-8 metres if
planted in the ground,but can easily be grown in a pot as these have,thereby restricting height to 4-5 metres.

A bargain at just £9.95!
These trees are all chosen for their outstanding beauty,are easy to grow and make a stunning addition and focal point to any garden,bringing it to life!
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Japanese Larch (Weeping Branches)

These young trees(40-60cm)have a beautiful growth patern as can be seen.In addition,they offer a double display in the
garden,being beautiful light green over summer,turning gold as picture shows in autumn,before shedding it’s needles to
regrow the following spring. They are very hardy easy to care for trees that are equally at home in a pot or in the ground,

A snip at just £14.95!
Spruce (Weeping Branches)

These lovely saplings bring the smell of a forest to your garden! Currently 40-60cm in height and 3ltr pots,they again
display a beautiful growth pattern,and add a touch of majesty to any garden.They are true evergreens and may reach
over 10metres in the ground,but much less in a pot.They look great potted as a pair,so why not treat yourself to two?

Again just £14.95 each!
Silver Birch (Pendulus Alba)

What fantastic trees these are. currently standing 60 - 90cm in height,they will provide an instant landscape feature or
fcoal point to any garden.Silver birch have long been admired for their  Silvery white bark and delicate leaf patterns,being
an ornamental tree in it’s own right.When you add the weeping factor,they truly look stunning.

Ideal to be grown in the ground,although a large pot will cope as well.

Just £29.95 for a pair of trees.
**We are also able to supply weeping Cherry,weeping pear and weeping peach trees all 90-120cm high ,all priced at £49.95 each.
**Delivery £14.95 each on these trees**
Email: treesandroses@aol.com